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    Problem with hyperlinks from Excel to .pdf files with Adobe Reader X

    mere fouras

      I have the following blocking problem since I installed Adobe Reader X: when, in an Excel sheet, I click on a hyperlink to a .pdf file:


      • if Adobe Reader is already open:
        • I get very rapidly the message box saying: "there was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found."
        • then, after I click OK, after sometimes (15s), the document finally opens in Adobe Reader
      • if Adobe Reader is not already open:
        • after a rather long time (1mn 30s, during which Excel is frozen) I get a message box saying "Microsoft Excel Is Waiting For Another Application To Complete An Ole Action."
        • then, after I click OK, after another long time (20s) the document finally opens

      In previous versions of Adobe Reader, up to 9.4, documents were opening very fast.

      Problem disappears if I uninstall version X and resintall version 9.4, and reappers as soon as I install version X (done twice)

      Except for this (which is a real problem) everything seems fine with the new version.


      Windows XP SP3, Office 2007