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    Applying a border and interior rules to a mx.containers.Grid?

    JoshBeall Level 1

      Hi All,


      I've got a table that I'm using to present users with a collection of different options in a neat way, with similar items grouped together by row.


      However, there is one option that spans rows and another option spans columns.  I've been able to get everything working with the rowSpan and colSpan attributes of the GridItem components, but I want to also display a border and interior rules on my grid in order to make it really clear what the different cells are.


      I've been searching and can't figure out how to turn this on.  Perhaps someone here can help me out?


      I'm open to using another component besides Grid, if that's necessary.  What I'm going after is something similar to HTML's table, which allows you to have an exterior border and/or interior rules between cells, that allow you to clearly outline where the cells start and end.


      You could do something similar in a spreadsheet as well, by turning on cell borders and merging adjacent cells where necessary.