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    Reader X issues for PDFs embedded in web page


      I've just upgraded to Reader X.

      I subscribe to a private genealogy web site which has PDFs embedded in the pages.

      I have two issues with this:


      1. Some of the PDFs have links. Whenever a link is in the same place on the page as the floating toolbar, the toolbar obscures the link and I have to disable the toolbar to access the link. Very clumsy. It just makes me leave the menu bar in place instead, which devalues the cleaner look of version X over the earlier versions.


      2. Where an embedded PDF has more than one page, it takes the focus of the PgUp key, PgDn key and mouse scrollwheel, even when the cursor is outside the bounds of the PDF.  The page itself cannot be paginated or scrolled at all, I have to grab the side scrollbar and drag it up and down.  This is not browser-specific and was not a problem with version 9 and earlier. I can't find any settings to change this function.