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    Librarians using Digital Editions help


      We are implementing eReader resources in our Library system for community checkout and have questions about Adobe Digital Editions' limitations nsfdue to Authorizing a computer. Here is the scenario we need help with understanding... if it is even feasible: A visitor to our library has an eReader, but no PC at home. They want to use our publically accessible PC to check out some digital content (i.e. a Sony Reader using an .epub format). What I have been able to learn so far about Adobe Digital Editions, it appears this system will not work for our purposes due to the limitation of the number of PCs a particular "protected item" can be transferred to (i.e. if we by chance have more then 6 community members who want to check out the same protected item and use the same public library PC to download and transfer the item to their eReader, we will be limited to the first 6 only).


      Please feel free to correct me if my understanding of the technology is wrong, and if not, has anyone found a way to deal with this limitation?


      Thank you in advance.