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    Video tutorial project too complicated, or am I doing it wrong?




      I'm a beginner with Flash Catalyst.

      I have a project with 7 states, which is, essentially, a video tutorial.

      Each State containts 7 buttons which should switch between the States.

      Each State (except the first) includes a video, which should play automatically when I switch from one State to another.

      During each video one or two semitransparent rectangles slide in with a text description of the video and then slide out of the screen (I call them "bubbles").


      So, each state has a bubble prepared off-screen and in a transition to another State the bubble slides in (Moves). When the video is finished (On Video Play Complete) the project transitions to another State (to another video). In this transition, the bubble fades out and a new bubble slides in for the next video.


      At this moment, my videos and bubbles function perfectly, however, only when the videos are played in sequence 1 to 7.


      Whan I need is set up all the other transitions between all the other States. Say, when I'm on video number 7 and click on button3 to switch to video 3, the transition from State7 to State3 is not yet defined - the video won't start playing automatically (even though I expected it to) and my bubbles don't slide in and out. Of course.


      Finally, I'm getting to my question: Do I really need to manually animate all the transitions in my timeline between ALL the States? I have 7 States, which is 7 by 7 possible State transitions. Each State has multiple layers, with bubbles, video and text sliding in or fading in and then again fading out, let's say 10 objects "doing stuff" in each State.


      Setting up all these transitions correctly (there's hundreds, apparently) would take ages!


      Did I set up my project wrong? Is there an easier way to do a video tutorial like this?


      Thank you for any help.