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    use pixel bender to create a really smooth text ticker




      We are developping a flash player system which will run on low-cost linux machines. So they don't have much processing power and memory.


      Everything works OK, except scrolling text, also know as a "ticker". It just isn't smooth...


      We already tried a lot of different approaches, but the only solution seems to be that the ticker should be in a separate thread, so it is never stopped when the flash player is doing something in the background. On this page "http://cookbooks.adobe.com/post_Is_multi_threading_possible_in_Flash_or_ActionScri-12026.h tml" I found that the only solution to have a real independent thread is pixel bender: "As the commenter ardnarf1 points out, flash player 10 supports pixel  bender kernels (programs) that can run as a filter, blend mode or a  background job. A pixel bender kernel running as a background job  (ShaderJob) runs on a true thread (rather than a PseudoThread) and is  therefore faster."


      But all the examples I find are for the manipulation of images and not really for animating text.


      Does someone have experience or some experimental sample code on how to animate dynamic text with PB?


      Thanks a lot,