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    Rec Noise

    Sotirios Papathanasiou Level 1


      I am very happy with the Audition for Mac, work perfect on my machine but when i use it to rec my voice from the internal mic of my macbook pro then the audio file contain noise along with my voice. I try to rec my voice with other programs and no noise.

      Any idea why happen that with Audition?


      Thanks in advance

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          JGrabowMST Level 1

          What kind of noise are you referring to? Is it a static type noise, or is it just artifacting, like a poor quality online video?


          I would look first into whether or not the sample rate you have in Audition is the same as the sample rate your onboard hardware supports. That's generally where the problems begin.

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            Sotirios Papathanasiou Level 1

            Yes is true with lower sample rate (44100Hz) i don't have noise.

            With 48000Hz the sound is like a robot effect!


            Thank you

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              Charles VW Adobe Employee

              What sound device settings are you using?  For example, on my laptop I have the following settings:

              Screen shot 2010-11-28 at 9.08.56 PM.jpg

              Basicaly, I'm trying to see if there's a specific device or set of settings you're using that may cause this.  Also, while recording, what does the status bar (very bottom row of the main Audition window) read?  Does it say something like "Resampling to 44100 Hz"?

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                Sotirios Papathanasiou Level 1

                This is the settings on my mac.

                And yes when i try to rec at 48000Hz, in the botton i get this message "Resampling to 44100 Hz" and also i get the noise effect.



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                  _durin_ Adobe Employee

                  You should change the Sample Rate parameter in the Audio Hardware Preferences dialog to 48000 Hz which should prevent any resampling during recording.


                  That said, I am surprised there would be significant artifacting when resampling during record.  Any chance you can record a few seconds with this happening and send it to us at audbugs@adobe.com?  I'd love to take it to one of the engineers and see if they can determine what's happening and how we might fix it.

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                    MMeguro Adobe Employee

                    Did you record in the Waveform Editor when the issue happened?  If so, can  you try recording in Multitrack Editor and see if the noise issue is  still there?  If there is no noise when you record in Multitrack Editor,  this issue has been fixed and there shouldn't be any problem once we  release the product.  If you still hear the noise, could you provide the recorded material and info as "_durin_" is requesting?



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                      Sotirios Papathanasiou Level 1

                      @_durin_ Ok i sent you an email with a sample sound.

                      @MMeguro yes this is happening only in Waveform Editor, with Multitrack Editor the resampling is perfect crystal clear.

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                        _durin_ Adobe Employee

                        Thanks, Sotirios.  I received the e-mail.  It does sound as if you're experiencing a bug that made it into the public beta release but has since been fixed.