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    Try to find explanations


      hello all,


      i just would like to have an explanation i don't find in the Help.


      If i make my own component, i can make "Action sequences".


      In "Add an action", I can choose "Define propertie". Then, i can choose "Activated" or "Opacity". If i select "Activated", i can choose "True" or "False".


      What does it means and what can i do with that.


      Sorry if the description is incorrect but I'm working on a French interface.



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          Mykola D.

          Hi Etienne,


          In the English version of FC this option is called Enabled. If you set it Off, the component will be disabled after the action is executed.


          The generated code will have something like this:


                  <s:Parallel id="Sequence1">
                      <s:Parallel target="{customcomponent1}">
                          <s:SetAction property="enabled" value="false"/>


          Does it answer your question?




          - Mykola
          FC QE

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            etienne4life Level 1

            YES, thank you very much !!