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    Flash email form

      Flash email form takes too long to send and bring up "Welcome/Thank you Message your email has been sent"
      When someone fills out my email form and clicks send, the page just sits there for a long time and then after a certin period of time it will switch over to my THANK YOU message. It appears it is taking a long time to call up the "email.php"???.


      Here is the code on my button on frame 12:
      on (release) {
      // send variables in form movieclip (the textfields)
      // to email PHP page which will send the mail


      Here is the code on my MC called form
      // show welcome screen
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          You should use the sendAndLoad() instead of just load and checking for on data event.
          This will give you better ways to check for finding out errors while transmission.
          you can "echo" variables containing custom error or success errors from the web
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            StevenRAN Level 1
            Sorry for such lack of knowledge on how this all works. If I were to use your "sendAndLoad" where would I put it, on the button? How would the code look?

            That sounds great, but it is beyond me. I did not write the original action scripts, I cut and paste from a flash lesson on email forms. I was hoping one could basically tell me how to modify what I have by telling me exactly how to modify it, or give me a totally new action script and tell me how and where to put it.
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              If the response is taking a long time, then you might want to consider
              moving to a faster server. Your onClipEvent(data) function is waiting to
              hear back from the server. The function won't run until it gets an

              Using different code won't change the speed of your server. Since this
              process is a single event, you can't build any sort of a progress bar to
              tell your user that something this happpening, or not, until the server

              If you search this forum, you'll find hundreds of solutions to posting
              form data. This question is asked pretty much daily. The best, most
              reliable method is to use a loadVars object and then use the
              sendAndLoad() method to talk to the server.