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    Garbage Matte showing garbage

    NotEnoughHours Level 1

      I'm working with PE8. Occassionaly, lie 5 minutes ago, I use the garbage matte (in this case the 4 point) and it will still leave parts of the scene showing outside of the box.  Well, as I was writing this I realized why - but thought I'd share anyways.  I was also using the green screen chroma key effect.  The problem was I had the garbage matte on the layer below the green screen effect.  Switching them around fixed my problem.  I guess I didn't realize the order of the layers was important ;-)

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          OK - I'm not as smart as I thought I was.  It didn't make any difference after all.  As soon as I rendered the scene, the garbage came right back.  Help???


          UPDATE: This is not a problem with just the garbage matte - I get the same result with the crop effect - and doesn't seem to be related to the green screen effect either - I still get the same result.  Very frustrating - this is now crippling my ability to complete this project :-(


          UPDATE 2:  Decided it might be time to upgrade to PE9.  Looks like that has resolved my problem, but wow - the difference between how unrendered HD footage plays is night and day - extremely smooth.