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    Clearing radio buttons


      I have prepared a form, using Acrobat Professional, that will be used by several hundred people.  There are check-boxes on this form that, in some cases, are actually radio buttons.  I don't want to use real check-boxes, as I don't want to get into the situation that both boxes are checked (e.g. for a "Yes" or "No").  This form (Reader-enabled) is to be used year after year (it is an annual evaluation report) by people using Reader and I would like them to be able to clear the radio buttons so that the form can be used in the following year (much of the data doesn't change).  I know how to do this by providing a button on the form, but the form is already in use and I don't want to change it, if this can be avoided.


      Can anyone suggest a way that users can clear the radio buttons, year by year ... some sort of extenal application, perhaps?  Given the number of users involved, we don't want to have to buy them Acrobat Professional, just to remove a few check-marks.


      Thank you


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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          FWIW, if you give both check boxes the same name but different export values, like you do with radio buttons, they will behave like you want.


          For your current problem, you could have them install a folder-level JavaScript file that adds a reset button as a toolbar button (or menu item). But you'd have to provide the detailed instructions for installing it.

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