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    stand alone


      dont know if Im in the right place, I just acquired Flash, well CS4, I work with film and text and intend to develop a website to showcase my work, as they say. But I would like to make a stand-alone interactive piece that can be stored and created on a desktop then played, via external hard-drive or whatever (most likely a large piece of work, nore than a few gig) on someone else`s laptop; ie, not a website, just yet, but simply an interactive presentation that allows users to access film and text pieces from different menus; a media scrap-book  if you like;  a stand-alone box of ideas; there must be a way of doing this, rather than having everything in folders ready to show; does Flash have this capability? I know Director did. Any ideas, I can assure you, would be most welcome

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          Flash can certainly access clips and play on the desktop presumming you have the player.  It doesn't sound like you need the air runtime which gives you some other capapbilities.  And like Director, you can create an executable with flash.


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            RKRIS1 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, Chris.

            What I intend is a piece of work that operates as a stand-alone portfolio: you click on the file, it offers inital menus which lead to others; and some of the things, grouped, are still close to a gig, hence the need to make a thing that stands alone from the net, and can be transferred from machine to machine, `interactive` menus but ulitmately an object free of the need for residency online; what part of the Flash software offers this capability, and can you or any other Forum User reccommend any good user guides?

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              Chris McLaughlin Level 1

              While movies can be embedded within  flash, I wouldn't recommend that for large pieces, instead I'd have the media stored externally and use the flash net stream class or the FLVplayback component to load and play the movies.  I'm not sure how you plan to transfer a GB or more of files form computer to computer (perhaps via DVD) but there are a number of methods that can be used from a self-extracting zip to an installer to simply copying the flash app and folder(s). 


              So I didn't (don't) mean to suggest that flash can package the files for distribution, but merely to confirm that it can be used to play on the desktop.


              Hope that helps.

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                RKRIS1 Level 1

                Thanks for the reply; in that case,is there any software you can recommendn which would enable me to create a stand-alone interactive presentation including large films and text?

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                  The issue as I understand it is not that you need an application to create a stand-alone presentation. Flash, Director, click-to-learn, even PowerPoint can do that.  The issue is that once that presentation is created how will you make it available to others (willing to install a 1GB+ application) on their systems. 


                  I've used all of the above mentioned products at some point to create presentations that had links to media and varying degrees of interactivity. I don't know of any software that effectively embeds large files, but I don't think that's an issue (Is it?) as all installed applications have resources that are external to the executable. 


                  So if for example you use Flash and create an application with menus and buttons that will play media or show text (I'm not sure what exactly you mean by that) you would have either an swf or exe created in flash and a folder containing the media resources, let's call it "media".  As long as the same relative position is maintained when you copy the swf or exe and the media folder to another computer it will work. 


                  Taking it further you can use software such as installShield which can create a MSI (Microsoft installer) file which will create an installation experience similar to any other application installation and ensure that things wind up in the right place on the user's computer or simply create a self-extracting zip file which can accomplish the same thing on a simpler level.


                  I hope that helps.



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                    RKRIS1 Level 1

                    Hi, I appreciate your patience as I`m probably tending to overcomplicate what Im sure is a fairly simple premise in the way Im describing it. I`m in that early point of trying to understand how the media works togethger.

                    I suppose ideally: I would like to make an interactive DVD, which will most likely be a couple of gig; simple as that.


                    It dosent mean installing anything on anyone else`s machine; it would simply work as an interactive menu-based presentation which gives the user access to films, soundtracks, text PDFS, a wide range of media. Basically the nature of the work is that I would like it to be developed into a website, but obviously that is a massive undertaking at the moment, and so I simply want to make a presentation which I suppose emulates it, gives the user a direct impression of how it would work; because it would ultmately work in much the same way as a news website, with access to dffierent articles, and clips, forming a narrative.


                    So in terms of that, and the fact I have the full CS4, what would you recommend as the ideal way to go about this? All I`m really doing is assembling lots of different types of film and sound material, currently made using Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Blender, but looking to explore Blender,  ready to put them into one menu-based presentation I can then burn to DVD and distribute.


                    Hope Im starting to make a bit more sense

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                      RKRIS1 Level 1

                      By the in my last post I meant to say `looking to explore Flash`, not `looking to explore Blender`,   


                      Another thing is; although I`ve been learning my way round timelines and general editing with Premiere and After Efects, Im interested in learning Flash in order to make feature-length film animations with, to have a consistent aesthetic as opposed to the mixed bag Ive been playing with; so need to understand how films using Flash, eg Persepolis, or Waltzing with Bashir , are actually constructed- are they composed of lots of indiviual Flash animations edited into one?


                      But anyway Im sttaying into another question with that one, any help on my previous post would be greatly appreciated

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                        Chris McLaughlin Level 1



                        I was tied up today. 


                        Whatever you build on a hard drive can be made to work in the same way on a DVD.  MACs no longer allow auto run so if that's your target users would have to open the disk and click on the executable.  PCs do allow auto run, and you can search auto run on the web and find  out how to write a small text file and save it as an autorun.inf to launch your executable when the disk is inserted.


                        Complex animation in flash is as a rule done by embedding movie clips within movie clips.  So if you create a movie clip (insert-- new symbol-- movie clip) and build a little animation in that timeline, that animation can be added to another movie clip and so on.  So per your example it's lots of animations that are combined.

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                          RKRIS1 Level 1

                          Hi, thanks for the comment on Flash, it was very helpful; I`ll be looking into Flash more closely soon:


                          I suppose at the moment the big question is what application enables you to build an interactive, menu-based DVD;


                          I can see the diffeent purposes of the applications within CS4 to some extent, but am not seeing clearly which one actually acts as a PLATFORM, if that`s the right term, within which to group the my work into a self-contained DVD; which as I said would work in much the same way as a website;

                          So an application that would allow for a very rich level of interactivity;


                          Its just frustrating not knowing exactly which part of CS4 I need to be getting my teeth into to acheive this inital step forward

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                            Chris McLaughlin Level 1

                            Just to make sure there is no confusion.  There are DVDs and DVDs.  If you want to build the kind of DVD that plays in a DVD player, Flash can't do that.  You need to use a DVD authoring program like Adobe Encore.  DVDs can have menus too, but they are more limited than a typical website.  A DVD can also be a storage medium.  It's this scenario that I was describing when I suggested that flash could be used. 


                            As far as which part of flash, what you've described has lots of different elements so I'm not sure either but you might want to start by learning about streaming video.


                            There are plenty of resources online like this one:  http://www.thetechlabs.com/tech-tutorials/audionvideo/how-to-build-a-as3-videoplayer/


                            Good luck.

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                              adninjastrator Level 4

                              Previous posts have already covered a lot of ground on the topic. But to reiterate, DVD can be a distribution method (as a data disk) or a presentation method (DVD which plays in DVD player, uses VOB files, etc). Flash could be incorporated into the first method... not so much in the second.

                              But another option to look at is to use an actual Web site to display your Flash and other content. The Web site would be your "Platform". Using HTML web pages, you could provide navigation to various things you want to display, including Flash content, as well as having interaction with the Internet from this application (where an Inernet connection is available).

                              Package the entire site up in a root folder, burn it onto a data DVD along with a autorun.inf file to launch in Windows and a zipped version for MAC.

                              I've used this method a number of times and it works quite well.

                              Best wishes,


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                                  also to say: dont know how these forums work, yet: but your help has been good!