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    Unexpected result when editing a symbol


      I am brand new at Flash - please bear with me.  I draw a circle and a square on the stage in Frame 1 and convert each to a movie clip symbol.  The symbols appear properly in the library.  To edit the circle, I double click it on the stage.  It appears to open for editing - the status bar above the stage says SCENE 1 -- SYMBOL 1 - but the square symbol on the stage DOES NOT gray out to indicate I am editing the circle.  I make changes to the circle and click out of editing mode, and yes, the changes have been made to the symbol in the library.  So the editing process appears to have worked.


      I overlook the square not graying out and begin writing my ActionScript, a simple script that changes the color of the circle or square in response to mouse overs.  When I test the movie, the circle works perfectly but the square is unresponsive.  It seems like Flash does not realize the square is on the stage.


      This exercise comes from the Missing Manual Flash CS5 book.  When I download the completed exercise from their website and double click THEIR circle for editing, the remaining symbol DOES turn gray on my stage to indicate it is not being edited.  My code appears to be identical to theirs.  I have started over from scratch over a dozen times now, but I seem to keep making the same mistake.  Been puzzling over this for 10 hours and cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!