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    Contribute 3: Problem with Connection Key

      I'm having a problem with connecting Contribute 3 to our web site.

      I have Contribute running on two PC's, one running XP Pro Service Pack 1 and the other Service Pack 2, the one with SP 1 is at home and connects fine. I used this one to generate a connection key for my office computer (the one with SP2). Everything should be fine, but it isn't.

      The office PC refused to connect to the site: After double clicking on the connection key and selecting Open, it presents a dialog box with the name: Import Connection Key, and I enter a new username, email and the password for the connection key.

      When I click OK, it presents the following message: "Unknown host. Contribute could not find the server "ftp.myhost.com". Please check your connection information or contact your administrator."

      When I click OK on this dialog box, it presents the following dialog box: "Contribute could not verify your connection key. A network connection to the server could not be established. Please contact your administrator for assistance." Damn,I'm the adminstrator and I have run out of ideas!

      I can connect to the site with WS_FTP without any problems, but I cannot do so with Contribute, neither with the connection key containing all the FTP details, nor bypassing the connection key and simply manually entering the FTP details.

      What is going on