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    Color shift when printing PDFs since I switched to CS5




      since I switched from CS4 to CS5, I get severe color shifts when printing PDFs on laser printers. Before going into details, here are some information:

      I work on a Windows 7 PC with a calibrated monitor and I use Europe Prepress 3 as my overall Creative Suite Color Settings (since I work in Germany).


      These are the color shifts in detail:

      - greys get a noticeable greenish/bluish tint

      - blue colors get a slight yellow tint, i.e. they appear more like turquoise

      - darker colors appear even darker

      - you can't distinguish between a 0/0/0/100 black and a 100/60/30/100 black anymore.


      I create my PDFs either in Illustrator or InDesign, with the PDF /X-1a: 2001 preset. (And I tried PDF /X-3 and X-4, too)

      I went to 4 different print shops and I always got this color shift. Even at the print shop, where I had my PDFs printed for years without any problems (when I still used CS3 and CS4). And they used the same laser printer as always.


      But I figured out that my PDFs will be printed without any color shifts, when I import them in Photoshop and use Photoshop to print the rasterized PDF. When I took a look at cyan, magenta and yellow in the color bars with a Linen tester, and they were 100% solid. No color hafltone from another color overlaying. And the greys were neutral, with an even CMYK halftone.



      Since I use Europe Prepress 3 as my overall Creative Suite Color Settings, my RGB images always have the Adobe RGB (1998) profile and the CMYK files always the Coated FOGRA 39 profile.


      Does anyone know what's wrong with my PDFs?


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          John Danek Level 4

          You answered your own question: CS5.  There have been a slew of reports of workflows spun upside down when upgrading to CS5.  It may require updating your system software and/or Adobe applications, along with any printer driver updates that may be lurking out there somewhere.  The twist to your situation is ( and is very common ) that everything was working before and now it does not.  Or there is a certain print disorder of some sort.  Very troubling.  I wish I had a smoking gun answer for you, but I don't.  It sounds like you have a very viable workflow in place that worked before and damn well should perform for you now.  I'd stick with what works and dump what doesn't ( if you can ).