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    OT:  .ttc to .ttf conversion


      I use Font Agent Pro (FAP) which currently does not support .ttc fonts.

      I've tried a couple of free online font converters (eg: http://www.fontconverter.org/) to convert .ttc fonts to .ttf or .otf, but they only convert the first instance of the font (i.e. regular), and not the entire collection (i.e. regular, italic, bold, etc). Does anyone know of a conversion tool that will easily convert an entire .ttc font (True Type Collection) to the .ttf format? I want something simple, I don't want to have to work in code or Pearl.



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          mtn108 Level 1

          I just found this free service that works for converting the entire family/collection

          [Link removed by forum host]

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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            Be advised that the "service" offered at the URL specified violates most font licenses in either one or two ways.


            (1)     Many font licenses specifically prohibit conversions of any form such as from TrueType to Type 1, Type 1 to TrueType, whatever to OTF, TTC to component TTF, etc.


            (2)     This online converter requires uploading a file to a third party. Virtually no font licences allow such transfers of fonts to third parties unless the third party has their own license for the font(s) in question.


            Also note that the online "service" pointed to also claims to support extraction of fonts from PDF files. Note that such extraction and use is not only against most font licenses, but also yields incomplete and effectively useless font files. The font data embedded in a PDF file (or for that matter in EPS or PostScript) is not the full font file. Obviously an embedded subset has the problem of missing glyphs and most fonts embedded in PDF (or EPS or PostScript) files are small subsets of the fonts' original complement of glyphs. But in addition, a significant amount of font metric information association with pair kerning, bounding boxes, etc. is not embedded and therefore is missing in any extraction.


                      - Dov

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              mtn108 Level 1

              Thanks for that information.