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    CS5.02 w/MPE turns off Aero Glass

    Paul@NYSMSC Level 1

      I have a new Dell Precision T5500 workstation(X5560 CPU, 12GB Ram, PNY Quadro 4000, Win7 Ultimate 64-bit) running CS5 MC.  AE looks and works great. PPro CS5.02 loads and looks correct but, once a project has loaded with the Mercury Playback Engine(MPE) enabled, all Aero Glass effects for Window Color and Appearance get switched off.  Resulting in what looks like the default Windows 7 Basic properties and color scheme(Baby Blue with no transparency).




      PPro captures,edits and outputs fine.  And once PPro is exited, the Win7 desktop, visually, returns to my "normal" saved Theme.  While PPro is running, the Win7 Personalization page shows that my saved Theme is loaded.  Clicking it's icon to reload the settings doesn't cause any visual changes.  Selecting the Window Color icon brings up the Window Color and Appearance tool which has a message stating that Windows Aero is off, etc.


      If I remove the Quadro 4000 entry from the cuda_supported_cards.txt file, essentially disabling the hardware MPE, Aero Glass stays on while PPro runs.  Except now I have to render effects since Premiere is using the software MPE.


      The NVidia driver is from 10/16/2010( ).  Everything else on this machine(HW/SW) is up to date and is working great.  I haven't been able to find any mention of this anomaly here or on other CS5 or NVidia related forums.  Has anyone seen/heard of this?  Is there somebody else using the Quadro 4000 with CS5?