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    Lost styles when using Contribute to edit site.



      I am hoping someone can help me figure out why I lose all custom styles when editing our site in Contribute. I am using CS5 both Dreamweaver and Contribute. The website is set up using php pages. Here is the issue when I first set up the website in Contribute I can edit the pages and all styles are available to me even the custom styles set up in Dreamweaver and I can save the page for later and edit another page with no problem. The problem comes when I publish a page, as soon as I do I lose all access to any custom styles and the page breaks apart when editing. I have put together a PDF wilth screenshots to further explain what happens, the PDF is located at: http://www.andersonperformance.com/downloads/ContributeIssue.pdf


      Has anyone else experienced this problem?? If I delete the website from Contribute and set it up again I have the same issue. I called Adobe but they were no help, basically they said they do not support php pages and would not be able to help me. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can try next to get this working???



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          If it's PHP based, then you will have to make proper provision in the source code for in place editing and propagate your changes back to whatever templates you are using. That is a much more complex matter than jsut throwing Contribute at a page and hoping for the best. The failure here very likely is, that your formatting is added via a global include and you only edit the content outside of this structure. When saving back the changes, therefore the global include gets lost as its PHP call no longer exists in teh source code...



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            Thank you very much for your response. You are correct I am using includes for the nav, header, and footer. I am a little confused on where I need to make proper provision for in place editing. I am new to setting up Contribute to use with php pages. Can you clarify where I need to add the provision for in place editing? Thank you very much.