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    ExportPDF not working


      Hello all


      I've just concluded a LC ES2.5 installation and I'm verifying PDF Generator functionality in adminui


      I'm able to use GeneratePDF service (it takes about 10 seconds per document), but whenever I try to export PDF to any format that is not an image (for example, PDF to HTML or PDF to DOC) I get the following error in adminui:


      ALC-PDG-010-010 conversion timed out

      An unexpected exception while resolving a new connection to an Adobe Service.


      The app server log reads:


      2010-11-24 16:52:02,320 WARN  [com.adobe.service.ProcessResource] BMC024: Service Native2PDFSvc: Process ProcessResource@d2a0ff4(name=pdfgen.exe,pid=0) terminated abnormally with error code {3}


      The system readiness tool doesn't report any error, just warnings (for instance, that office 2010 is not supported, although i'm able to convert DOCX and XLSX to PDF)

      The results are attached, and the JBoss log tail for that file conversion attempt too.


      I've already followed the steps described in http://blogs.adobe.com/livecycle/2010/06/run_livecycle_pdf_generator_es.html to no avail


      Thanks for your help