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    CS5 Idle Tasks work great until they stop

    Jon S. Winters

      I've got an Adobe InDesign CS5 ExtendScript (javascript for the search engines) that when the users do certain tasks it triggers some idle tasks. It works great most of the time. What I'm finding is that at some point the idle tasks stop and they just queue up. It doesn't seem to matter how long Adobe InDesign has been running.

      The code is constructed so that when it tries to create a new task that it checks if an existing task to do the same thing is already in the queue. If it already exists in the queue it doesn't add it again. So in that regard I'm not creating an infinate lists of tasks. But at some point it just stops processing the idle tasks in the queue, sometimes with just a single task to process.

      InDesign itself seems fine. But no more idle tasks will fire. I've checked the task manager (it is windows XP) and InDesign doesn't seem to be doing anything to prevent getting in some idle tasks.

      Any idea how I can figure out: A) what stopped it. B) How to start it back up?