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    After installing workbench 9.5, the workbench 9.0's original workflow doesn't work.

    tonyken777 Level 1



      I updated from ES2 to ES2.5 and installed workbench 9.5.


      I followed the tutorial "Creating Your First LiveCycle Application" to create a same workflow which I've done by workbench 9.0.


      Every setting of the application is the same of workbench 9.0.


      I created a new task, and clicked the "done" button under the page, but the application does not run to the approver called "John Jacobs".


      The same workflow can run properly on ES2's workspace. I don't know why this happened.


      I checked the log that it seems that when I press the button, the whole workflow will be over.  But I can not shoot the trouble only by this.


      2010-11-24 18:10:57,778 INFO  [com.adobe.livecycle.reviewandcommenting.dsc.impl.ReviewAndCommenting ServiceImpl] ALC-CSV-001-000-ON ASYNC EVENT : Asynchronous : TaskCreated

      2010-11-24 18:11:17,981 INFO  [com.adobe.livecycle.reviewandcommenting.dsc.impl.ReviewAndCommenting ServiceImpl] ALC-CSV-001-000-ON ASYNC EVENT : Asynchronous : TaskCompleted



      I really need some help.


      En Shoku