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    Creating dynamic quizes

    Dinghus Level 1
      One of my users just asked this question and it does seem like a reasonable one. Is there any way of having a large bank of quiz questions and then having Connect select a certain number of them at random and present them?
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          This is a great question. If this is possible, and easy to do, then Presenter gets a *big* leg up on a number of other course management systems. Ie - I am very interested in the answer to this too.
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            Dinghus Level 1
            It is looking more and more like the answer is "no". So I will have to see about writing something that works.
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              DHMerritt Level 1
              My feeling is that Presenter lacks in this area BIG TIME. In our environement there are a whole lot of simple issues that need to be relooked at and reworked. I have worked with a whole lot of different e-learning software packages and my conclusion is that this package lacks big time in this area. I am however hanging in there as Presenter is still "new" (compared to our other software packages) i.e. lets hope that it improves
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                The answer is no for sure.

                The quiz questions are published in the order found in PPT, as one of the assumptions is the author of the content ad quiz is a SME or some sort of instructional Designer. In other words, its by design that the presentation content is delivered in exactly the order it was created.

                I suggest you don't view Presenter Quiz Manager (or Captivate's Quiz Manager, for that matter) + Connect as a fully customizable, top od the time quiz tool. If you are in need of this, there are plenty of web based solutions out there.
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                  Dinghus Level 1
                  Actually I spoke to Adobe and they said this functionality will be available in the next release in 2008.

                  It will be ineresting to see if this actually happens.
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                    sean@realeyes.com Level 1
                    I believe it will be.

                    Captivate 3, which just released, has this. I think its a safe bet that Presenter will as well, since these two products share a lot of the same code (i.e. quiz manager, audio controls, etc)