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    Am I heading at this terribly wrong? AS3

    c-fqgy Level 1

      I'm trying AS3 and learning as I go but I don't know if what I'm doing is possible from the way I'm attacking it.


      Basically I have a Snow Globe. I've found a really cool script that gets pulled in from an external .as file that makes snow. I've played with it a bit and now it doesn't repeat its self. The snow drops off the stage and doesn't go back to the top and gets removed from the stage (I'm pretty sure). The idea being that of course it doesn't snow forever in a snow globe. On my main timeline I have a movie clip that has a mask and the snow function on it. I've repeated this function at various stages inside of the MC so it gives the impression of snowing for a little bit and than stops. There is a button on the globe that says click to shake. Once clicked the play head than goes to the frame labeled "shake". Shake has a new movie clip on it where the globe lifts up and shakes. I've duplicated my original external .as file and I was planning on reversing the snow so it does up and than calling the original snow that goes down again within this shake MC so that the mask follows the globe.


      I know this isn't probably the most ideal way of doing this but after reading the above, I'm wondering if it is possible for me to achieve my goal the way I'm attacking these elements? Can I handle my functions like this or am I heading down a road that doesn't work that way?



      Thanks in advance