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    CFC-Skeletons Question

    hecubus Level 1
      I have a question about the cfc-skeletons that are created as web service stubs for publishing web services via ColdFusion.

      What determines the casing of those filenames and of those containing folders? Does it use the actual filename of the CFC file, the displayname attribute in the CFCOMPONENT tag for the CFC, the casing of the URL for the WSDL, or is it using the casing that references it in code through other CFCs?

      What effect does restarting the CF app service have on those cfc-skeletons?

      The reason why I ask is that we've encountered some problems where our web services built from CFCs are getting errors when:

      1. The CF service is restarted
      2. The URLs for the WSDLs are referenced differently as it pertains to case, e.g "/cfComponents" vs. "/cfComPonents"
      3. Any code within the CFC references other CFCs and the casing is different or inconsistent throughout the CFC. e.g. some code might be instantiating another CFC as "cfComponents.Login" and other parts of the code within the same CFC might be instantiating that CFC as "cfComPonents.login".

      Also, I know that the cfc-skeleton structure that is generated is different in CFMX 6 than in CF7. Is the logic that auto-generates the skeleton in CFMX 6 the same as CF7?

      Thanks in advance.