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    Rendering footage problems


      Just a quick question:  I am in the home stretch of my project.  To the point that I am making copies in Encore from PP.  But I have been having a problem with PP linking to my rendered project.  After closing my project down after rendering all my footage, when I reopen it all the media is offline and I have to relink it and check it to make sure its all where it should be.  Not to mention going through rendering it all again which takes about three hours- all of which is just not acceptable.  Not sure what that's about.

      Anyway, I'm not asking about that.  I don't have the time to deal with this at the moment (unless of course someone knows what that's about and its an easy fix), and my question is this:  How much does it matter whether I send a rendered or unrendered file to Encore?  If I can just relink the media, check to make sure its all as it should be, and just send it to encore like that without rendering it does it effect the image quality of the final DVD?