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    If/then for movie tied to mp3?

    TaylorJumbo Level 1



      I'd like a movie clip to begin playing if a particular mp3 is played.


      There is a review question and if the user chooses the wrong answer, the wrong answer text feedback appears and the wrong answer audio feedback begins playing.


      I'd like to apply an actionscript action to a movie clip on the top level that says, if a particular audio file plays then this movie clip should play also.


      Is this possible?


      I'm very new to actionscript coding so I appreciate tips on how to make this happen.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There should be some conditions that cause the particular sound to play.  So when you have those conditions that trigger the sound, you should be able to target that movieclip to play as well.  IF the movieclip is on the main timeline you could use _root.mcName,play(); (just an example.

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            TaylorJumbo Level 1

            Thanks for your response Ned.


            The audio plays automatically when a particular frame of the 'feedback' movie is played.  The frame of the feedback movie is triggered by the actionscript coding on the quesiton.


            Which is to say there are 3 feedback windows which slide on the screen:


            1 for the correct answer.

            1 for the wrong answer (appears after 1st wrong answer)

            And 1 for question fail (appears after the 2nd wrong attempt)


            That audio file plays automatically when the second frame of the feedback movie is triggered to play after the users first wrong answer.


            So can I add an action to that mp3 (or maybe better to add it to that particular frame in the feedback movie?) that says, whenever you play this mp3 (or if it makes more sense whenver you play this particular frame of hte feedback movie) start playing the feedback avatar movie, which is otherwise just sitting on the top level of the movie, transparent for the time being (it becomes visible on the 3rd or 4th frame).


            Do you think this is a feasible way to do this?

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              TaylorJumbo Level 1

              Probably easier to just add the action to one of the frames then?  'play FBAvatar' or something like that.


              And then will that actually be enough to find and initiate play of the 'FBAvatar' movie even though it is located on the movie 2-levels up from FBAvatar?