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    can i even do this?


      so i want to make a program of sorts out of flash. it will be more utiliy in that it helps calculate stuff. if anyone is familure with warhammer 40k or something along those lines where you have an army made of (x) amount of dudes and you find a friend and battle it out. well, each of those units cost a certain point value and it usually ends up with, for example like a 300 point army. so with this program, i was hoping to make a army creator. in that it will display all of the units of the dudes(easy part) and after you find the ones you want in your army all you would have to do is click an "add" button below the guy and it will add him and his points to a list on another scene. in that scene it will add up everyone on the list and give you a total. i was hoping with options of deletion of highligheted units if you made a mistake.


      so, getting back to the title. is this even possible in flash? or am i in a little too over my head.