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    Will Adobe flex support Arabic language on Mac OS




      We have developed a webapplication using Adobe Flex SDK 3.2. the content in the application is in arabic language. Unfortunately the arabic language is unreadable if viewed on Mac Os. but the same arabic language/text is perfect and accurate if viewed in Windows OS. kindly help us in finding a solution.


      What we need is the arabic text should be accurate and readable if viewed in Mac OS.






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          GordonSmith Level 4

          The legacy TextField class in Flash Player -- which is the basis for all text display in Flex 3 components -- does not properly support right-to-left or bidirectional languages such as Arabic. However, the newer Flash Text Engine (FTE) APIs in Player 10, and the Text Layout Framework (TLF) library that is built on top of FTE, support bidirectional text.


          If you use Flex 3.X you will have to write directly to the FTE or TLF APIs. If you use Flex 4.X, you can just use the Spark component set, which use FTE/TLF for text display. The MX components in Flex 4 still use TextField by default but can be configured to use FTE/TLF.


          Gordon Smith

          Adobe Flex SDK Team