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    cfcontent and MIME types for MS outlook .MSG format




      I am using a web service that returns the contents of a MSG file as a binary string.

      I was hoping to use <cfcontent> to then be able to render the document on demand when the user required.



      <cfcontent type="application/vnd.ms-outlook"><cfoutput>#tostring(structDocument.filecontent)#</cfout put><cfabort /> 


      However whenever I try to do this a dialogue box appears asking me to save or open the .cfm file instead of rendering the document like it would for the other file types.  Opening the .cfm file, I can see that the content is pretty much intact. 



      <cfcontent type="application/pdf"><cfoutput>#tostring(structDocument.filecontent)#</cfoutput><cfabor t /> 



      Does anyone have any ideas?