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    Flash will not publish + FLV question





      I am currently building a game in Flash CS4, but am stuck due to a Flash problem. I have searched the forums for a sollution, but have yet to find one.

      The Problem:
      Adobe Flash will not export, or publish my .FLA file, nor will it create a .SWF at the chosen destination under the publish settings. Whenever I try to export/publish my .FLA, the export/publish pop-up window opens, and the progress bar runs all the way through. Once that is done, the window which normally appears immediately afterwards, in order to test the flash, does not appear.

      Furthermore, Flash seems to have deleted the .SWF, and any other files I wish to publish the moment the publish/export process is completed.

      The strange thing about this problem is that I may be lucky and have Flash actually export and publish correctly on its first go. However, when I try again, it won’t publish/export until I restart flash.

      This problem happened on three separate windows machines (Vista and 7) under both Flash CS4 and CS5.

      I have discovered that this problem may be related to the many embedded FLV video clips I have created for the game’s character animations (6+ characters with 30 very short animations each).
      These animations were rendered in a 3D CG software, which were then edited in Adobe After Effects, and exported as .FLVs for use in Flash.


      Oddly enough, once I’ve deleted all the embedded FLV clips from the library, Flash will once again publish and export. This is not an acceptable solution to my problem, however. I already searched for any corrupted FLV files, but could not find any.

      My questions are:
      1. What can I do to make Flash publish/export once again, while having my embedded .FLV clips within the library? Is there something I am over-looking, or any settings I must change in Flash?

      2. Which settings (in Adobe After Effects) are best to export .FLVs for use in flash?

      3. If I cannot use FLVs, what other options do I have, in order to use my CG animations in Flash? I tried PNG sequences, but Flash complains about low memory, and crashes (FLVs were working great up until now).

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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          Sasha Agafonoff Level 1

          I've also experienced problems with the Publish process dropping out and failing to complete - no error messages in the Output pane or Compiler errors, just a total hang of the Publish status bar (and no published files...).


          I can't say I've pinpointed the exact cause of this, but it may be related to having all objects on the Stage locked (possibly when they are not placed in the main canvas area).


          Adding a new layer and creating a new object seems to help.  If the publish process (including TestScene) has stalled, restart Flash and reload the movie...


          Hope that helps!  It's kinda scary watching that Publish bar disappear into nothingness when you've got literally hours/minutes/seconds left to get the thing built and running :-)

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            OmegaD3K Level 1


            Thank you for the reply. I followed your advice, but the problem still exists.


            I'm half-way finished with this Flash project, and have many months of work ahead of me. Having to restart flash every time I want to test something isn't really productive. This export/publishing error seems like a software related issue (quite a few topics like this on the forums, but none with a concrete solution), and I hope Adobe will release an update which addresses this issue, soon.

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              Sasha Agafonoff Level 1

              Yes, I apologize for the half-baked non-solution!  It was something that seemed to work for me at the time, but the real issue will be something deep in the underlying movie data that has been fixed by the change.  At a guess there is something defined in the movie that the Flash compiler is struggling with, something that isn't handled by the standard error handling code, and this is why the process is failing silently.


              If it helps, you may find that only one restart is needed once you've got publishing working again, so it won't be a constant battle - just a one-time change that fixes up whatever was causing pain before.


              All the best with the project - I know that feeling of helplessness as you struggle with an uninformative tool :-)