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    ACR 6.3rc


      I just installed ACR6.3rc to read some NEF files taken by Nikon D7000.  Everythings appear ok except that the Bridge App can only preview first 18 pictures in a folder.  Is this my system's problem, or a bug in the new ACR?  My system is Win7 (64bits).



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          Yammer Level 4

          I can't say I noticed it when I was using 6.3RC. It may be significant that Bridge can only do on-demand hq previews on nine selected images at a time (and 9 x 2 = 18).

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            2010jay2010 Level 1

            I only select one image a time to preview.  That can be done for the first 18 pictures. For others, they cannot be seen in the "preview" panel but I can see  them in thumbnails "content" panel.

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              Yammer Level 4

              What happens if you select the folder and go

              Tools > Cache > Purge cache for this folder



              How have you got Bridge set for thumbnails/previews? (second square on RHS of toolbar)

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                2010jay2010 Level 1

                Hi YammerP,  you're great!


                After purged cache, I can see all images' preview now.  Just wonder why no need to do so in past versions of ACR.


                Not quite understand your second question.  I usually view the folder content as thumbnails and set a large preview panel so that I can examine a big image preview before going into PS.



                Thank you for your help.

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                  Yammer Level 4

                  Aw, shucks.


                  Glad it worked for you. Bridge is a bit flaky. It misbehaves a lot. Sometimes it needs a kick up the ****.


                  If you look at the top toolbars, to the left of the "Sort by" selector, there are two squares and a star. Click on the second square, and you'll see your preview/thumbnail generation options. "Embedded" switches off HQ thumbnail generation in favour of embedded thumbnails, "HQ on demand" generates HQ thumbnails when images are selected, and "Always HQ" generates a full set of HQ thumbnails as soon as you select a folder (and generates the biggest load on your system).