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    Embedding Flash file into flex builder developed file

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      I am new to this Adobe flash and flex, I have presently Flex builder3 and a Flash CS5 trial versions.

      I have already created a swf file dislaying a pieChart in flex builder and used the same into my web dynpro java application to display on the browser.


      I have created a swf file in flash builder as well, it it running absolutely fine as stand alone application.


      I want to know

      1.can I embedd a swf file developed in flash builder into a swf file developed in flex builder?

      If yes then how, as when I used a SWF loader ui element in the swf file build in the flex builder , the application is running fine, but the same application is not running in the Web dynpro java application.

      Is there any other way around to achieve this task.


      I have tried a way around of embedding a new view containing the swf file developed in the flash builder in my web dynpro application. this is running fine, but embedding more than one swf file developed in different builder is poosible.


      I have tried using code in flash builder to embed this flex builder fine, it ios resulting in error.


      Please provide you valuabale inputs on this.