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    Keyboard unconfigure after a while

    Deadmoon Level 1

      Since i started working with Fireworks (version MX many years ago) i´ve always experienced this bug: After several hours working with it suddenly the keyboard starts to act strangely and some keys are not working the way it should. I´m unable to place some special characters (like accents) and some keyboard shortcuts doesn´t work because the keys are not mapped as they should be.


      If i jump to any other program in the computer the keyboard is working fine so it´s some kind of FW malfunction. A reboot fixes the problem but sometimes as soon as 15 minutes the bug appears again.


      As i mentioned it have been always the same problem...MX, CS3, CS4, CS5 and all kind of Windows SO from 98 o 7.


      Any hints? Would like to get rid of this annoying thing...