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    Reduce background noise and increase audio volume?




      I have a movie with very bad static/background noise and low volume. I've been playing around the NewBlue cleaner AB, but I have yet to get a satisfactory results. Any hints/tips that might help me out? Or is it not powerful enough to get a good result?


      Also, I've noticed the volume becomes even lower after running the filter.


      How do I adjust the "clip volume" in edit effects past 6dB? If this is not possible, why?


      Thank you!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Well, increasing the audio volume is easy. But doing it without also increasing your background noise is much harder. In fact, unless it's of a specific frequency that you can filter out, it's pretty much impossible. That's why a lot of Hollywood movies and TV shows have to "loop" or re-record dialogue for a scene if there was too much wind or background noise.


          The easiest way to raise a clip's audio level is to click on it and select Audo Gain, and then increase the gain level.


          This, though, won't get rid of the background noise.


          Bill Hunt has some tips that may be helpful.