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    Flex with JAVA - Query?


      Dear Experts,


      I would like to develop one small CRM Product using JAVA Programming Language, However which concepts of Java to be used for development is still on it's way to Identify. recently I heared of Adobe Flex concept and have done enough research to explore the use and it's quite interesting.


      I though to Use Adobe Flex (Flash Builder) as an User Interface (UI) for my application for attractive look and feel, where as business logic should be in JAVA program. UI has to receive User commands from front-end and process to back-end application logic for processing.


      Can anybody kindly advise on bellow of my doubts:


      1. Is Flex Professional user License is just enough to build my application or anyother components to buy to integrate with JAVA/J2EE Code i.e. Live Cycle Services?

      2. Use of Live Cycle Services and it's Cost per User/CPU?

      3. Validity period of Flex Builder License (Life time or Specific period)

      4. How can I get more detailed information on Product, Services etc., from Adobe and it's contact number. as I'm in India.


      Kindly advise on my above queries and it would be a great help.. Many Thanks in advance.


      Best regards,