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    Have I Got A Setting Wrong? - Please Help



      My media exporting creates some frames with distortion/ pixelated/ corrupt Frames - There is a downloadable file here at www.rajen.org/ppro to show an example as it is difficult to explain but very very very frustrating.








      I have used a Sony SR10 and Panasonic HMC 151 to take footage.  I am experiencing this problem regardless of the source footage.




      My workflow is this;




      1. Copy the video clips from SR10 to PC using USB transfer.




      2. Import all clips into a project in Premiere Pro CS5.  The sequence is AVCHD 25 frames widescreen square pixels 1920 x 1080.




      3. I create the sequence with the clips and trim them where necessary.




      4. Then I export the sequence either using Encore for DVD or as a file with Media Encoder.  I usually do a SD and an HD file.








      The problem I am having is that some of the frames show distortion or corruption.  I am not sure how best to describe the distortion but I have some downloadable clips that will help you experience what I mean.  The distortion happens only on some frames.  Each time I export the sequence or create a DVD from the sequence, the distortion will likely re-occur, but never at the same points.




      I am hoping that someone has experienced this before and knows a simple solution.  Things I have tried include;




      Used clips from a different camcorder - no help


      Used a different PC – no help


      Stopped antivirus software and all other unnecessary programs – no help


      Reinstalled Windows and only installed CS5 – no help








      My main PC is a 3GHz Core 2 Duo, 6GB RAM, Win 7 64 bit, CS5, NVidia 9600GT, dedicated media HDD (SATA)




      The other PC I tried it on is 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo, 3GB RAM, Win Vista 32 bit, CS4, NVidia 7300LE.










      Please look at the downloadable (36MB) file and you will see what I mean.




      Please download this zip file which contains video extracts from a DVD which I made from PPro CS5 and which contains these distortions.  I have re-imported the DVD video into PPro to get these extracted clips.




      Clip 1 – Normal Speed = Please see distortion on sea at 00:13

      Clip 1 – 20 percent speed = This is just to see what is happening a little more slowly

      Clip 1 – Stills = These are captured frames to show distortions


      Clip 2 – Normal Speed = Please see distortion at 00:04

      Clip 2 – 20 Percent speed = This is just to see what is happening a little more slowly

      Clip 2 – Stills = These are captured frames to show distortion.


      What I Am Hoping For


      If someone has any suggestions to help me sort this problem then it would be very much appreciated.  Perhaps there is a setting which I am overlooking.  This is also happening with Premiere Elements 9, Encore and PPro CS5.  Even a workaround will help me.


      Please ask if more info is needed.