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    Stream Live Data, Is it possible?

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      Hi all,



      I am capturing data from a PLC via an OPC server and then storing that data in SQL. I would to present that data in real-time using CF. The changes between 1-5 seconds and runs for about 20 minutes then stops. Further down the line, I would need to go view a new batch as its produced and archive the old one. Has anyone accomplished this before? Also, I would like to see the data as it changes for a particular setting such as voltage readings. I've seen this with LabView but, I would like to move it to a browser. Thanks in advance!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!




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          CutterBl Level 1

          You'll want to do a little research on using BlazeDS. Aaron West has some nice posts on his blog, and I think the are a few presentations on UGTV.

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            TheRealAgentK Level 2

            I agree with Cutter's suggestions.


            BlazeDS or Livecycle DS together with ColdFusion's Event Gateways will help you doing this and Aaron's blog/presentations are def. a good starting point. I talked about this topic just 2 weeks ago at cf.O(ANZ), DM me and I can ping you the presentation.


            Note one important difference between BDS and LCDS though - BDS does not do "real" streaming, it's basically HTTP polling with a frequency you can define. LCDS supports proper RTMP streaming/push (it's a commercial and not open source solution though) which scales _much_ better than HTTP polling. Both Flash/Flex clients as well as HTML-based clients are possible (via Flash/JS bridge) and there are ways to set up your architecture in a similar way to Comet-style longpolling.