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    PE9 trial on Mac Pro - .mp4 is almost unworkable


      I've installed the trial version of PE9 on my Mac Pro (2x2.8GHz quad-core with 10 GB RAM).  It works well with MPEG-2 files from my DVD recorder (recorded TV broadcasts), but it bogs down seriously on .mp4 files exported from Elgato's EyeTV.  Even with 480i video (720x480) the preview shifts down to a reduced resolution, stutters and freezes regularly, and the playback controls take a long time (many seconds) to respond.  I haven't even dared to try 720p or 1080i.


      Is this a limitation of the trial version, or are there settings I can adjust to make this usable, or is MPEG-4 decoding simply too processor-intensive to make editing practical with my current hardware?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements works with specific camcorder formats, jt. It may not work with the type of codec produced by EyeTV.


          Although it's possible EyeTV uses a standard codec of some type.


          Which preset did you select when you started your Premiere Elements project? It's vital that you select the right project preset to match your source files. And, since this device may not produce standard camcorder files, you may need to try a number of project settings to find one that works.


          Though there are no guarantees, since this device isn't necessarily designed to produce standard, editable video.