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    Adobe Reader X Printing Problem


      I upgraded to 'X', am running Windows XP and have an HP LaserJet 4100N printer. I mostly print out sets of loan documents, average 100 pages per set, mixed legal and letter size pages. When I upgraded to Adobe Reader X, legal size pages were randomly not printing the bottom 1/3 or so of each page. Since I travel to have these docs signed, it created quite a problem for me when it first happened. I could print smaller batches (1-5 pages, legal size only) and it worked, but printing the whole set, mixed paper sizes, I continued to have this problem.

      Luckily I had kept an installation for Adobe Reader 9, so I uninstalled 'X' and reinstalled '9'. voila - the problem disappeared.

      But I am hoping someone from Adobe will read this and work on this problem.

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          Atul Agarwal Adobe Employee

          Could you please elaborate your problem little more to get us on top of it?


          "legal size pages were randomly not printing the bottom 1/3 or so of each page." Does that mean 1/3 of each page was getting clipped? Could you share the documents/PDF file(s) which is causing the problem for you?




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            What he is referring to is that any text, lines or other printed elements are not being printed below 11". I have noticed the exact same thing from both XP and Win 7 computers when I tried Reader X. I was given a file with mixed letter/legal pages and told it to choose paper by pdf original like I have for the past 10 years. Only the legal pages were missing the bottom 3" of printing. Uninstalled X and downgraded to 9.4.1 and everything worked fine with the same file.


            As to your request for a file that causes the error. There is a law GLBA, or Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act that legally would prevent us from sharing these files because of personal information contained in them. If I can create/find a file that causes the problem that I can share, I will do so, although I hate to reinstall a software that has caused me problems.

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              Atul Agarwal Adobe Employee

              Thanks for reporting the issue.


              Could you please send us the screen shot of the print dialog so we can deploy the same print settings you are using and will try to replicate the issue at our end with our files?


              If there is any special driver settings you are using then please let us know about that as well. Using the previous observations, We could not reproduce the issue at our end.


              I appreciate your time and help if you could send us those details in order to nail the issue.


              Thanks for your help,

              Atul Agarwal

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                We are having the exact same issue.  We are printing loan documets to a Brother HL-5370 with two printer trays, one letter and one legal on a 64bit Windows 7 professional computer.  If the first page printed is letter size and then following pages are legal, Adobe X will print the letter pages on the letter pages and the legal pages on the leagal paper BUT all of the printing on the legal is cut off at the bottom.  So Adobe X is choosing the legal paper for legal pages but once it gets to the legal page it will only fill a letter size printing area on that legal page.  The documents we are printing are a single adobe PDF with letter and legal paper sizes.


                This problem went away when we went back to version 9.4.

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                  skyeagle7 Level 1

                  sorry for the late response, been very busy with work.

                  First, I am glad to see that others have had the same issue, so it would seem that the problem does lie with Adove Reader X.  I am sorry but I cannot share the documents with you, these are loan documents and contain personal information. The packages do typically contain mixed letter and legal size paper.  Thanks for your help.

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                    I can confirm this problem.  Rolling back to version 9.4 fixes it.


                    One of my clients is a travel notary and ran into this issue today.  All print settings were set up per Adobe's instructions at http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/332/332720.html#main_Mixed_sizes when the problem occurred.  We had recently upgraded to Reader X, and had never had the probem before.  I eventually traced it to a problem in the new version.  Uninstalling and installing version 9.4 fixed the issue.  I cannot include the actual document due to privacy concerns, but I will include a screen shot that has been sanitized.


                    adobe bug.JPG

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                      We have had this exact problem and it is a problem with Adobe Reader X.

                      The problem stems from a Letter page followed by a Legal page in one document.

                      If the pdf starts with a Legal page then it will work fine even if there are Letter pages later in the document.


                      The only way to fix it is to uninstall Adobe Reader X and install Adobe Reader 9.


                      You can however print single pages out of the pdf and they will print correctly however a 100 page document and that is just silly.


                      I really hope this can be fixed as it causes quite a lot of problems printing closing documents for loans.


                      I created a Word Document where the first page is Letter and the second is Legal and when this was saved as a PDF and printed it created the problem.

                      I would have attached the sample but couldn't figure out how to attach a file.



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                        Thank you for posting.  I am having the same problem.  Uninstallled Adobe Readr X and downgraded to 9.

                        I am using Windows XP and a Brother 5250Dn.  It still does not recognize the appropriate paper with Reader 9.


                        What are your settings on your brother printer?  I feel that I am getting close to finally solving this issue.






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                          bmehl123 Level 1



                          My problem was actually with a HP4100 and all I needed to do to fix the

                          problem was to re-install Adobe Reader 9 and the correct page size would be

                          identified and printed correctly.

                          I would make sure the paper size is set correctly in the printer properties

                          in the control panel to make sure the tray and paper-size are correct.

                          Then I would print from Word or something similar to legal size and letter

                          to make sure the print driver its self would recognize and find the correct

                          paper - if not then the problem must be with the printer configuration with

                          which trays have which size of paper.



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                            leeeinla Level 1

                            Thanks for your help.  I was able to solve my problem.  There is an issue with Adobe  Reader X.  I installed Adobe Reader 8 and now the printer (Brother HL-5250DN) chooses the paper size automatically.  This only works with Windows XP.  Thanks a lot to this forum to help me solve my issue.  It would be a lot easier if Brother Tech Support told me to use Adobe Reader 8.  I guess they can not give software advice.


                            Thanks a lot,



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                              I was having the same problem using Adobe Acrobat Standard Version X, only that some of the text was garbage and some was correct all on the same page. I found that when you go to print, under printer properties/preferences, there is an option to "Rely on system fonts only; do not use document fonts". I unchecked this box and it worked fine.

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                                Adobe Reader ver. X does not let our users print their PDFs.  Uninstalling "X" and reinstalling version "9" solves the problem.

                                FYI - we are using Internet Explorer 8 as well as Firefox 3.6.18 with Windows XP

                                When will Adobe X be fixed so that it prints PDFs?


                                Also, I found that I cannot open a PDF using Google's Chrome browser because the plug-in is not up to date.  To update the plug-in  would mean installing Adobe X and I'm not willing to do that right now.

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                                  Had the same problem today, Sept 12, 2011, with Adobe Reader X and a Lexmark scanner/printer. Adobe 10 failed to scan and rpint and when I rolled back to Adobe Reader 9.4 all items worked fine. So, tthe problem has not been fixed

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                                    I recently bought a new HP PC with Windows 7.  It has Adobe Acrobat X.  It also HAD Adobe Reader X and I wasn't able to print the mixed page sizes loan document.  I tried the solutions in this forum to no avail.  Currently I have Reader 9.4.1 and it still doesn't work.  I used to have Windows XP and it ran with no problems and printed the pages just fine from my Brother HL-5370DW printer.   Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.