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    Browser refresh required after initial load from navigateToURL()?

      When I try to use navigateToURL() to fetch this particular page:

      navigateToURL(new URLRequest(' http://www.propertyshark.com/mason/'), '_blank')

      I see this in my browser window:

      <%attr> title => " - Real Estate Maps, Foreclosures, Property Reports and Comparables" <%once> use Pshark::My::Locales; <%method meta_data> <%init> my $nav_bar_locale = Pshark::My::Locales::find_applicable_parent($locale, "nav_bar"); $m->comp("/$nav_bar_locale/index.html");

      If I then click my browser's "Refresh" button, I get the page as expected.

      Anyone know why the initial load is failing, even though the URL appears to be correct (as evidenced by the refresh working properly)?