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    two or more UI components background colors get mixed up


      Hello, I´ve got an issue here


      It´s hard to explain in words so I got a print screen of it.




      Ok, I will try to explain the structure here and what the problem is...


      Each rectangle is a canvas. Inside each of them there is a LABEL where the text is written a rounded BOX and another LABEL inside the box.



           <mx:Label text="sometext" />

           <mx:Box cornerRadius = "30">

                <mx:Label text = "a number"/>




      My problem is that the colors inside the rectangle gets all mixed up.

      The original color in the circle is supposed to be the one that is highlighted on top right of the figure.

      But because I´ve changed the rectangle 'backgroundColor' property both color gets mixed up. You can see that the red circle have a distinct tonality on each rectangle.

      I would like to somehow not mix up those colors.


      Does any one have a clue of a work around for this problem??


      Thanks in advance