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    Roll Over Help


      Hey Guys,


      Today I'm tring to create a roll over effect.  I have 4 Pictures: Let's Say A B C D.  If I roll over A I want the other picture to have a transparent light box on top so it looks like A is the main focus.  So if you roll over A the other pictures will turn dark and A will keep its color.  I can do this by making A a symbol and then putting a transparent png dark box on top of B C D.  That works.  What doesnt work is when I go back to the original time frame and make B a button also.  WHen I add the roll over effect, it only does it for that.  Let me show you in pictures.


      ABCD.png <---- that is the original

      A.png<---- When I roll over A

      B.png<---- When I roll over B

      The last two are made using two different flash files.  I can't put them together in one.  Can you please show me how?


      If I put them together and roll over on A, It comes out like this


      If you don't know what I'm tring to do, Please ask. Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it.