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    CS5 turned into CS5 Extended?

    꾴昢ތĀ娅敯❥ 꾴昢ތĀ砂x

      I am trying to download the trial software for photoshop cs5, however, when I click on TRY, it directs me to the download page for photoshop cs5 extended. I tried downloading that anyway, but it said in the installation that i need to download photoshop cs5 first. I've tried again and again to download the photoshop cs5 but it's always directing me to the extended version! This is really bugging me and I can't wait to get going with photoshop. Please can someone help!?

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          n781lc Level 1

          EXACTLY the same problem.. The forum says one reply answered an 2 helpful   ... where are they???


          I now use LR 3 and PSE 9 but think I want up grade to full CS 5 ... Checked the NAPP site, says go to Adobe.com and click try under CS 5.


          I did, got extended afte having a wrestling match with logging in.  The Akami thing seems to work and the download begins(1.4 G) but says PS 5 extended.  I DO NOT WANT TO TRY OR BUY EXTENDED.


          Is this another Mac glitch???  I know the program works great on a Mac ... but trying to get it is a pain.


          Called on the phone a couple of times ... Adobe makes more than an adequate sum but has absolutely lousy phone service ... no American except in the automated voice, then a 20 minute wait.


          NO, I didn't stay on the line.  Not used to that and going to start now.


          It is hard to understand why this is tolerated other than for the same reason most customer service is awful  ... they can get away with it ... just like the bullies in school.  Seems like the great NAPP folks (Kelby et al) could intervene on our behalf.  thank goodness it hasn't always been like this.

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            n781lc Level 1

            Well, this is very confusing ... i just placed a post in the Forum ... is this different?


            If so, I have repeatedly tried to download a trial copy ot CS 5 ... NOT Extended, but the wonderful Akami that everyone is so crazy about down;lloads the extended version.


            I ama NAPP member using Lightroom 3 since LR 1 and PSE 9 since it's original introduction for the Windows OS only.


            I would like to TRY CS 5 to see if I can handle it bedfore bouncing for a good piece of chnage.



            If this goes to the same place the telephone calls go, I am speaking the wrong language.   SHEEESH!! 


            Seems like we could expect to get help in the language we PAY for.  Cheap labor is not to be admired.

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              Petаr Adobe Employee

              Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS5 Extended have the same installation files. That is why we have only one download page. The trial installation enables the Extended version. If you choose to purchase Photoshop, you can simply enter the serial number, and all Extended features for creating and editing 3D and motion-based content will be turned off.

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                n781lc Level 1

                Thank you, Peter.  You are, as always with the "humans" I deal with at Adobe , great!


                Could you nudge the nerds who develop the web pages to take into consideration there a re a lot of folks of all sorts of persuasions who take things literally.  "What it says, we think is what it means."


                I will now go ahead and open it with every ntention of purchasing before the 30 days.


                Ed Law, NAPP member, Pensacola, FL