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    Flash builder 4 - Image(s) Rotator3d


      Im looking for some inspiration too code a image gallery with 3d effects (Rotator3d sparkcontrol) in flash builder 4. Ive have a button which I want to execute the rotation between the images (mx:images), my question is how I shift betwwen images when the 3d rotate runs on the image. There is no problem in rotating one image. Ive started with the Rotate3d spark control but thats not a requirement, if there is a better way to get same functionality Im open for ideas, if there is a best practice on this area Im open for suggestions. Please post code examples or other ressources.
      My code looks like:


          <s:Rotate3D id="imageRotator" 
            angleXFrom="0" angleXTo="360"
            angleYFrom="0" angleYTo="360"
            duration="2000" />
        <s:Group id="imageContainer">
          <mx:Image id="myImage1"  source="asserts/Desert.jpg" width="500" height="250"   x="150" y="100" />
          <mx:Image id="myImage2" source="asserts/Penguins.jpg" width="500" height="250"   x="150" y="100" />


        <s:Button x="270" y="349" label="Rotate"