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    Compressing .mov file PE9


      I have Premier Elements 7 and 8. I am using Premier9 to see how it works.


      In 7 & 8 I can pull in an .mts file or a .mov from cameras. I can edit and share them in standard def 640X320 in a .mov file.


      Most videos I upload are about 2-3 minutes long. I need to keep the file size to between 4-6 MB per minute for uploading in my administration.


      After playing around in 7 and 8 I found the right settings to do this. But in 9 I am using almost the same settings and it isn't working. Iusually test the final video in quick time to make sure it looks good. The videos I have played around with and tested in 9 look bad.


      Any suggestions on what I can do? Is there is a difference in settings with 7,8 to 9?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Those are two very different formats, so they're going to have very different needs.


          If those .mts files are from an AVCHD camcorder, find out if the camcorder shoots in 1920x1080 or 1440x1080 and whether it shoots in stereo or 5.1 audio, then make sure that the project you start uses the correct project settings for that format.


          MOVs can be any of hundreds of codecs and formats. What kind of camera or camcorder did these videos come from?


          Once you've got the proper project settings for each video source, you can share it in many MOV compressions and quality settings so that it fits within your size parameters.

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            bashhawk Level 1

            One is AVCHD (mts) from a Canon camera that I use more for action. The other is a Kodak Zi8 flip type camera that records in .mov. That one is just used for close-up interviews with coaches/players.


            In elements 7 & 8 I played around and got the file small enough and saved both as .mov files. They need be to be around 4-5 mb for a minute video in the .mov format at 640X360. They are saved in h264 codec


            But the Elements 9 I am trouble getting either one small enough yet with clarity like I did in 7 & 8.


            I did about 40 tests in different settings and never got it. The final product when playing back in quicktime is blury. I'd take any help or advice you can give on settings and what do. I'd probably buy Elements 9 if I can figure it out.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You still haven't told me enough about your camcorder to be able to help you, bashhawk. Canon, after all, makes many many models of cameras and camcorders.


              If you're talking about a Canon Vixia, however, the camcorder shoots in 1920x1080 stereo -- but only in FXP mode. You may not be able to edit video shoot in other, lower quality modes in Premiere Elements.


              Same with that Kodak. I'm not sure you'll be able to edit that video in Premiere Elements. Not without a lot of experimenting to find just the right settings.


              But I'm sorry, there's no universal recommendations I can offer.You may be in a gray area where the formats you're editing may or may not follow the regular rules.

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                bashhawk Level 1

                Yes it is the Canon HF20 Vixia. I am shooting in wide screen.


                I can do it in both Elements 7 & 8 with both cameras so I assumed I could do the same in 9.