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    Scroller Side

    jfillman Level 1

      I have a Spark list with a scroller, set via styling like this:




      s|Scroller {


      horizontalScrollPolicy: on;



      The list has a horizontal layout, which then shows items laid out left to right, sort of like a TabNavigator, with the scroller at the bottom of the list.




      <s:List id="lstOpenitems" width="100%" height="100%" click="clickChart(event);"


      1.0" contentBackgroundColor="#174E75"


      {openItemsAC}" itemRenderer="skins.openItemRenderer"


      #FCFF02" selectionColor="#FF0000">






      <s:HorizontalLayout gap="2" verticalAlign="middle"/>








      What I want is the scroller to be along the top of the list instead of on the bottom.