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    extension manager cs5 do not work on win7 x64,please help


      I just found my adobe extension manager cs5 do not work properly when I try to install some extention a few days ago, and I try to reinstall it , finding solution from internet and run as a administrator, every approach I've tried but it still not works .So I want to find someone nice and skillable to help me fix this problem.

      Here is the problem: when I launch the extension manager cs5 ,on the loading flash screen, it stopped on the last stop and no response . please help me ,thx.problem.PNG

      above  is the problem, it stopped !

      I just fixed it, i uninstall python 2.7 and GAE . AND aem works again! I don't know if adobe and python or google 's app don't like each other but I hope they can work with each other because they all my favorite apps.

      hope this article can help you with the same problem.