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    ARCA Database Xtra question

    whitestar7 Level 1

      Hi there guys,


      I am using the ARCA Database Xtra to import text entered in a SQLite Browser into a text field into Director, the import works fine but the text imported loses all Carriage Returns and Hard Returns. Has anyone got any ides on how to fix this.



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          whitestar7 Level 1

          Hi all,


          I have looked into this abit further, and the text comes into the cast member with the "returns" but when it goes into the text Field it loses formatting.


          Having looked at Director Help, it says:


          "You can’t apply spacing, tabs, or indents to individual paragraphs within fields. Alignment settings apply to every paragraph in the field."


          When I try and bring the text into a Text box it fails to import the text from the Database, so is there a way to keep the formatting in text Fields?

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            Production Monkey Level 3

            Have you tried using Text Members instead of text Fields?  Text members are far more versatile.