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    Translating results in to a grid??

    andersonOllie Level 1

      I have a question


      Not  sure where it belongs so please direct me to a new thread if needs be, and the title is rubbish...


      I am a n00b.


      I am making a game much like the popular 'dice game'.

      I have a button, when you press the button it calls two cards to show a random face (either red or black), this is all working fine.

      Im thinking about taking it to the next level though...


      Id like it so when the cards are called the information is translated to  showing a colour in a grid below (drawn in photoshop also).

      eg. two red cards are drawn, so in space 1 in the grid below (with 6 spaces) the colour red appears.

           a red and a black are drawn, so in space 2 red and black (half/half) appears.

      Once the 6 are filled perhaps a reset button?



      I can post the code i have so far, but didnt want to go nuts on my first post.


      ps  If the translating from the drawn cards is looking too complicated i  may resort to just using the 'grid' with the colours, in which case i  could do that myself, i just wondered how complex this would be?


      Thanks in advance.