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    help! seriously heavy processor issues for 'no reason'

    SlickRik Level 1

      hi guys, i've inherited an AS3 project now compiled in FlashBuilder4

      it's and Away3D / AwayBuilder based project which i've updated but the  problem is that it isn't overly complicated but something within it is  killing the memory and processors.

      I've currently running a 4Gb Win7   7x processor machine

      Once initialised in a 'static' non interactive, non video state it's using 20%  memory and the equiv of 3 full processors.

      when i activate a tween (simple carousel) that shoots up to aroudn 60% of RAM and equiv of 5 processors.

      Is there a way I can identify what scripts are running?
      active objects?

      don't know, I'm not a flash guru so any advice would be gratefully  recieved as at the moment i'm just turning scripts on and off.